Business Process

Via top notch opensource
IT technology

We are a software company that is proficient in IT and uses OpenSource Software to build amazing products for our clients.

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25+ years in IT

always keeping up with the latest tech

Started working when computers were huge machines occupying the whole room and using perfocards as an input of their data. Advanced to this day, always keeping up with the latest tech.

Serving various industries

Building bespoke software to fulfill specific tasks, while not being overwhelmed by complexity is the goal of every project.

Advising and guiding

Choosing the right technology, tools and architecture helps software scale and work for many years.

Collaborating with scientists

Software is not always simple and sometimes it needs people from more than one field, to find an optimal solution.

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Open Source advantage

leave software development to us

Stay focused on your business goals and leave software development to us. Products built using Open Source technology are fast, secure and easily extendable.

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Stop wasting
time and money

Every repetitive process can be automated

Companies that have implemented business process automation via computer software always outperform those that have not. We guarantee you will see progress right away once you start. And if you already have good tools, there is always room for optimization.

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Via top notch opensource IT technology

Agile project management methodology ensures that the whole process is easy and transparent during all project phases.

With every challenge you gain knowledge

We appreciate and thank our partners for challenging us

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